International Conference of the Lithuanian Notariat - 08/11/13, Vilnius

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Representatives of the European Union and Eastern neighbouring countries’ notariats gathered on 8 November in Vilnius to discuss the role of notaries in ensuring the safety of the state finances and real estate transactions, and the prevention of money laundering. Members of the Lithuanian Parliament, the Ministry of Justice and other governmental institutions, law enforcement organisations, courts, universities and legal associations attended the conference.

The conference speakers were legal academics specialised in the notariat: Peter L. Murray (professor at Harvard Law School, USA), Prof. habil. dr. Vytautas Nekrošius (professor at Vilnius University Law faculty) and also experts practising notarial law: Swiss notary Michel Merlotti (President of the International Notarial Cooperation Commission (CCNI) of the International Union of Notaries), Belgian notary André Michielsens (Vice-President of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union), Richard Bock (Vice-President of the German Federal Chamber of Notaries and President of the Chamber of Notaries of Koblenz) and other notaries.

There was a successful exchange of information about Lithuanian and foreign notaries’ functions and activities in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Also, information spread to the Lithuanian government and public sector institutions with a multilateral exchange of experiences between the European Union and Eastern neighbouring countries’ notariats and legal institutions cooperating with them. 

The Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union coincides with the initiatives of the Lithuanian legislator, which aim to prevent the abuse of securities (shares and promissory notes), validating transparent invoicing for services rendered. Participants were encouraged to get acquainted with and adopt the positive experiences of European notaries in the area of financial security and to share them with Eastern neighbouring countries during the conference.

Decisions on the safety of state finances, transparency of transactions and prevention of money laundering and other abuses are being made in a multilateral dialogue between the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries and the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Financial Crime Investigation Service, whose representatives also made presentations at this international conference.