Spanish notaries face the cameras to advise the public

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  • The General Council of the Notariat of Spain is launching via the website and its portal on YouTube series of videos which answer the public's main queries:  wills and inheritances, acts and powers of attorney, property purchases, emancipation of minors, prenuptial agreements and starting a business.
  • French and Belgian notaries have set up similar initiatives.

  • José Manuel García Collantes, President of the General Council of the Notariat:  "We are aware that one of the least well-known aspects of our work is free, impartial advice. We hope that through this initiative many members of the public will opt to raise more queries with us".

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A presentation of the most typical issues which the public put before notaries. That is the idea behind the production by the General Council of the Notariat of Spain of six videos in each of which a different Spanish notary advises a diverse audience on aspects affecting their daily lives: from young people wishing to set up a business to couples wanting to buy a home or find out about the differences between the shared and separate marital property systems. There is also room for parents surprised by a child below legal age wishing to be emancipated, a member of the public unaware of the function of notarial acts and powers of attorney, and a married couple with major doubts as to whether or not they should draw up a will.

The website and the portal of the General Council of the Notariat of Spain on YouTube will from today host a set of videos setting out the most common queries raised by the eight million members of the public who see a notary each year. In order to meet this challenge the Spanish Notariat called on six notaries, three men and three women who, with the assistance of a group of actors, played out for the cameras some of the queries dealt with every day at the 2,600 notary offices operating in Spain.

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