CNUE Plenary General Assembly – 5/6 June, Antwerp

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The Plenary General Assembly of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) met in Antwerp on 5 and 6 June 2014. Important issues that will face the notarial profession in the coming months were on the agenda: the proposal for a directive on the single-member private limited liability company (SUP), the proposal for a Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, the registration of European Certificates of Succession, etc.

The CNUE member notariats had the opportunity to listen to a contribution by Mr Fernando Rui Paulino Pereira, Head of the Civil Judicial Cooperation Unit at the Council of the EU, who presented the outlines of the e-Justice Action Plan 2014-2018 adopted by the JHA Council on 6 June 2014 (document available here: The General Assembly then adopted a position paper reflecting the CNUE’s e-Justice priorities for the coming years (document available here: ).

Another highlight of the General Assembly was the CNUE’s adoption of a 2020 Plan. This strategic document lists a series of concrete initiatives that the notaries of Europe propose to carry out for citizens and businesses in Europe with 2020 in view. These initiatives are grouped under five commitments:

  • Bringing new solutions for the daily lives of citizen
  • Supporting business development in Europe
  • Strengthening cross-border cooperation between notaries
  • Making justice more efficient thanks to the authentic instrument
  • Working alongside the national administrations

The 2020 Plan will be revealed to the public at the beginning of July.