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Providing information and giving helpful, clear and concise advice is the goal that has led the General Council of the Spanish Notariat to create, a blog comprised of 16 Spanish notaries to clarify citizens’ doubts on issues of major importance in their lives that require notarial involvement.

They have a Twitter account, they use WhatsApp, they are avid readers of the digital press and followers of opinion leaders on the social networks. They are 12 men and 4 women who practise as notaries in Spanish towns of different sizes and in different locations. Through theirs posts – relating their own experiences with a very personal tone - they wish to continue to divulge a key aspect of the notarial function that is not sufficiently well known, that of giving impartial and free advice.  will report on issues such as marrying in a community property or separate property arrangement, legally and financially protecting a dependent child, donating or making a will, taking out a loan or starting up a business. “Before tying the knot with a bank, ask the notary”, “We are engaged” and “And why do I have to sign a deed”? are some of the headings in the first series of comments, already revealing the essence and communication style of this group of blogging notaries. 

For instance, a notary from Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara) shares his personal experience in “We are engaged…” and discusses cohabiting couples. It turns out that in order to ‘ensure’ that his girlfriend would wait for him while he prepared for civil servant examinations, they became live-in partners, “taking that step forward to be a bit more than engaged and a bit less than married”. In his post he reports that virtually all Autonomous Communities have their own laws on cohabitation and that in general one has to prove having lived together for a specific period, or having children in common, not being tied in marriage to someone else… but Amador was assailed by more doubts: what if we buy a flat, if we have children, if one of us dies…? He tells us that his notarial coach advised him to set down some rules to regulate communal expenses, income, issues relating to children and to inheritance. “He covered it all in the deed that led to my cohabitation status”.

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