Mr Jean Tarrade, New President of 40 000 Notaries of Europe

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The 40 000 notaries of Europe have a new president for 2015, Mr Jean Tarrade, a French notary. From today, Mr Tarrade takes the reins of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE), at the head of which he takes over from Mr André Michielsens of the Belgian notariat. With a renewed European Parliament and European Commission, Mr Tarrade intends to undertake a series of public relations actions to meet many European public authorities as often as possible in order to ensure the notarial function is well known.

In this respect, and continuing the work of his predecessor, Mr Tarrade’s political action will be in line with implementing the 2020 Plan of the Notaries of Europe, which lists a series of concrete proposals in favour of the free movement of citizens and businesses in Europe. For instance, in 2015 the Notaries of Europe will add an extension to the Vulnerable Adults in Europe website with a section dedicated to minors. They will also create an online tool to facilitate understanding of how a real estate transaction works in the 23 States that have the civil law notariat.

This 2020 Plan can be consulted at the following address: 

Important events await the CNUE in 2015, for example with the entry into force of the regulation on international successions on 17 August 2015. Many notariats have been nominated as the competent authorities to issue the European Certificate of Succession. The regulation’s entry into force will require the implementation of legal and tax rules with which European notariats will need to be fully conversant. This is why in 2015 the CNUE will focus on new training actions for European notaries, connecting them using the online collaboration platform EUFides. 

The President will thus encourage extending the interconnection to registers of wills (12 registers of wills in the European Union already interconnected; see and will continue work on the registration of European Certificates of Succession.

In order to prepare his presidency, on 16 January 2015 Mr Tarrade met the Latvian Minister of Justice, Mr Dzintars Rasnačs. Latvia holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first semester of 2015. The meeting was fruitful and provided the opportunity to present the notariat’s projects and preoccupations. At the heart of the exchanges were the negotiations on the forthcoming European regulation on public documents and the directive on the single-member company, two subjects which particularly interest the Presidency and the European notariat. For both texts, the stakes are high with regard to legal certainty.

For more information on the French Presidency of the CNUE and its programme: