Germany 15th ENRWA member interconnected to the ENRW platform

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On 3 March 2015, Germany became the 15th ENRWA member to participate in the European Network of Registers of Wills (ENRW), a few days after Greece. The ENRW platform allows the electronic exchange of information between national registers of wills in order to facilitate cross-border inheritance proceedings.

Civil Law Notary Dr Jens Bormann, President of the Federal Chamber of Notaries ("Bundesnotarkammer") which runs the German Register of Wills ("Zentrales Testamentsregister"), underlined the importance of the ENRW platform for the national registers. “We started the German electronic Register of Wills only three years ago. It has grown significantly since then in terms of wills drawn up before a German civil law notary, or otherwise made in Germany. Now we are able to include the ever-increasing European perspective. This is another milestone achievement for the German Register of Wills. It is clearly potentially beneficial to all registered bequeathers and their families in Germany.

Due to strict data protection and privacy regulations applicable in Germany, the German Register of Wills is only designed to search its European counterparts, but does not allow for reciprocal inquiries by foreign competent authorities. “For the time being, we have to limit our participation in the ENRW platform to this one-directional flow of information”, President Bormann said. “However, we would not rule out that we might be able to open our Register in the future to allow for a multi-directional interconnection. Further developing our legal basis in this direction is clearly on our agenda with German lawmakers.

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