CNUE General Assembly - 25/03/15, Brussels

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The CNUE held its General Assembly today in Brussels. On the agenda of the debates between the Presidents of the twenty-two notarial organisations were the European directive on the single-member company, negotiations on the European regulation on public documents and the various national measures to reform notarial practice in the Member States.

The French bill on growth, activity and equality of economic opportunities and the bill on competition in Italy were at the heart of the Presidents’ worries. These draft laws are a source of concern throughout the European Union. Consequently, in order to prepare concerted reactions, the European notariat decided to equip itself with a unit to make proposals and take action.

The European notariat considers it is essential for legal certainty and access to the law to be preserved for all citizens even in the remotest areas.

The CNUE recalls that the notariat is an essential element of the continental legal systems and that, every day, forty thousand notaries and their sixty thousand employees inform citizens, businesses and actors in local communities, providing them with a high quality legal service. Many participate in tax collection. They all participate actively in combatting money laundering and provide essential assistance in combatting organised crime.