Meeting with New President of Polish Notariat and Polish Authorities

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On 20 May, President Tarrade travelled to Poland to meet the new President of the Polish notariat, Mr Mariusz Białecki. This trip provided the opportunity for high level meetings. Mr Tarrade met with Deputy Minister Artur Nowak-Far, responsible for legal affairs, treaties and consular issues, and with the Minister of Justice, Borys Budka. He also had the opportunity to meet Mr Zbigniew Klejment, the President of the Foundation for Legal Certainty and Transactions.

In Warsaw, President Jean Tarrade was able to discuss topical European issues for the notariat: the negotiations underway on the European regulation on pubic documents, negotiations on the European directive on the single-member company, negotiations on the European Union – United States free trade agreement.

He conveyed the profession’s concerns on these matters and the exchanges were fruitful. The Polish authorities listened carefully to what the European notariat had to say.

There are approximately 3080 practising notaries in Poland. They employ 5000 people.