Notaries of Europe acting together for mediation

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The European Commission plans to revise Directive 2008/52/EC on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters. It will publish a report by 21 May 2016 on its application, with suggestions for adapting it if appropriate.

The Notaries of Europe wish to be involved in this work, which is one of the priorities of their 2020 Plan. They intend to set up a common framework for notarial mediation, in addition to a network of notary mediators identified in the European Directory of Notaries.

To this end, an exchange forum on mediation was created recently. It brings together experts from the European notariats and is chaired by Mr Behets Wydemans, a Brussels notary. Among the priorities of this exchange forum is analysing the Member States’ legislative and regulatory frameworks and organising a series of practical workshops.

Consult Directive 2008/52/EC at: