The Ombudsman, a mediator at the service of Belgian citizens

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Since 1 June, the Belgian notariat has provided citizens with an Ombudsman, to whom they can express any complaints. The Ombudsman’s main role is to protect them and ensure the notariat is operating properly. There is a new website exclusively for this purpose:

Whereas satisfaction surveys show firm confidence in Belgian notaries, conflicts can arise. The Ombudsman’s main role is to deal with clients’ complaints and make individual and structural recommendations. This helps the profession operate properly and favours independence, impartiality and accessibility so citizens know they have the best possible protection.

Complainant can submit their complaints by letter, by email or online through the website Handling of the complaint is free and takes a maximum of 90 days (renewable once if the complexity of the case so requires). All information relating to the procedure and the way in which complaints are handled is available on the website.

There is an ombudsman for each of Belgium’s official languages. For the French-speakers, it is former notary Pierre Wuilquot. In cooperation with his Dutch-speaking counterpart, André Michielsens, former CNUE president, the French-speaking ombudsman is responsible for the management, organisation and functioning of the Ombudsman for the notariat.