CNUE General Assembly – Sofia, 18/20 June 2015

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At the invitation of the Bulgarian notariat, the CNUE held its Plenary General Assembly in Sofia on 19 and 20 June 2015. Before this meeting, the Bulgarian notariat organised a conference on “The role of notaries in establishing the single European area of security”.

Many prestigious guests were invited: Ms Kouneva, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria and former European Commissioner, Mr Ivanov, Bulgarian Minister of Justice, Mr Lapeyre de Cabanne, Ambassador of France to Bulgaria, and Mr Senghor, President of the International Union of Latin Notaries (UINL). The Bulgarian political institutions’ trust in the notariat emerged from these contributions, as did a call to make the necessary efforts for more effective justice that is closer to citizens, at Bulgarian and European level.

In his speech, the CNUE President, Mr Tarrade, spoke of the entry into force on 17 August 2015 of the regulation on international successions. He welcomed the fact that the vast majority of Member States had decided to trust notaries to issue the European Certificate of Succession (ECS). This certificate will prove the capacity as heir in all Member States and will facilitate considerably the steps they need to take. Mr Tarrade called upon the Bulgarian Minister of Justice to designate the notariat as ECS issuing authority.

The next speakers to take the floor highlighted the contribution of notaries and the authentic instrument in the various countries in areas as diverse as the creation of companies, real estate transactions, the successions regulation and the constitution of unions and their dissolution.

The CNUE member notariats met the following day for their Plenary General Assembly. On the agenda: the single-member company, the regulation on the movement of public documents, the proposed international trade agreements, registration of ECSs, etc. News of the organisation with the European Commission of a joint conference on the successions regulation in Brussels on 19 November 2015 was also announced on this occasion. On the evening of the same day, the CNUE will also organise a major information evening for expatriates posted in Brussels.