Lunch-Debate on E-Justice – 16 July 2015

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On 16 July, the CNUE hosted a lunch-debate at its offices dedicated to e-justice. The President, Jean Tarrade, led the discussions in response to the contributions. The first speaker was Mr Fernando PAULINO PEREIRA, Head of Unit “Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters and e-Justice” at the Council of the EU who made a general presentation on the legal professions’ involvement in the area of e-justice in the context of the recent Forum of the Legal Professions held at the Council on 19 June 2015.

This was followed by a contribution by Ms Alexandra JOUR-SCHRÖDER, Head of Unit “European Public Prosecutor’s Office and Criminal Law” at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice. She presented the latest development of the e-justice portal and gave some statistics. Today, the portal has 30 000 pages. It hosted 1,570,000 single visitors in 2014. The forthcoming projects are, among others, the integration of a tool to search for the case law of the courts of the Member States and integration of the interface for the interconnection of land registers.

And, finally, Mr Carsten SCHMIDT, representative from the Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia and coordinator of the e-CODEX consortium. IT elements are developed in this consortium that will enable the interconnection of national registers or national tools used by the administrations of justice or legal professionals.

Participants from the notariat, permanent representations to the European Union and ministries discussed the future of the various e-Justice projects and the notariat’s involvement in these projects.

The interconnection of registers of wills implemented by the ENRWA was highlighted by the representatives from the European institutions, as was the notariat’s contribution to the e-Justice portal for the factsheets on the national succession laws.