International Union of Notaries General Assembly

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On 1 October 2015, Mr Tarrade, the CNUE President, spoke at the General Assembly of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On this occasion, the CNUE President elaborated on the important work achieved by the UINL between 1990 and 2004, supporting notariats from the former communist bloc countries. He informed the delegates who had come from around the world about the position  of the profession in the European Union. He emphasised the specificity of European notaries: although appointed by different authorities, they practise their national laws but also a law common to them all, European Union law.

Mr Tarrade also gave a reminder of the four major commitments made by the CNUE in the 2020 Plan adopted last year:
• Develop new solutions for citizens’ daily lives.
• Support business development in Europe.
• Enhance cross-border cooperation between notaries.
• Make justice more effective thanks to the authentic instrument.

Finally, Mr Tarrade proposed that the CNUE and the UINL work together on legal and academic monitoring and to raise the profession’s profile. He ended his speech on the subject of confidence: confidence in ourselves, confidence in the notarial institution, confidence in the future of the European notariat, confidence in the future of the global notariat.

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