First anniversary of the Serbian notariat – 12 October 2015, Belgrade

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On Monday 12 October, the Serbian notariat celebrated its first anniversary in Belgrade in the presence of the Minister of Justice, Mr Nikola Selakovic. President Tarrade spoke at the international conference organised for the occasion, inviting the profession to make every effort to live up to the trust the Serbian authorities have placed in it. He explained that the EU notariats were willing to help the Serbian notariat implement procedures for accurately keeping the registers held by the profession, for accurate accounting in notary offices and to organise archiving and notary inspections. Finally, President Tarrade invited the Serbian notariat to equip itself with an effective insurance system.

There are approximately 140 notaries in Serbia. The notariat existed between the two World Wars but was abolished with the arrival of Marshal Tito. Thanks to the help of the European notariat, it was recreated in 2014. The Serbian notariat should join the International Union of Notaries in October 2016. Since Serbia is a candidate country for EU membership, it could ask the CNUE for observer member status.