Ninth Franco-Romanian Colloquium in Bucharest

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The National Union of Public Notaries of Romania and the Higher Council of the French Notariat held their annual colloquium on 3 and 4 December 2015, bringing together more than fifty notaries on EU law and two very important topics: the European regulation on cross-border successions and the application by notaries of the third and fourth European directives on the fight against money laundering.

During the discussions, many technical questions were raised concerning the European Certificate of Succession. Indeed, in France and Romania, notaries have been designated as the competent authority to issue the European Certificate of Succession.

The participants displayed determination regarding the questions relating to combating money laundering. However, one observation stands out that is likely to lead to new discussions at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF): it is currently very difficult for notaries to identify politically exposed persons from non-EU member countries.

The ENRWA was also honoured. Mr Rogojanu, the Vice-President of the ENRWA, explained how the interconnection of registers of wills worked and encouraged his colleagues to search systematically for wills abroad when the deceased had lived abroad for a certain length of time.