Transfer of Power at CNUE Presidency

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During the ceremony for the transfer of power which took place in Rome on 12 January 2015, Mr Jean Tarrade handed over to his successor, Mr Paolo Pasqualis, an Italian notary in Portogruaro, who thus becomes President of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) for 2016. In a speech made on this occasion, Mr Tarrade elaborated on the various challenges the European notariat had had to face in 2015: the proposals for directives on the SUP and on public documents, the attacks undergone by the national notariats, for example in France and Italy.

Nevertheless, Mr Tarrade drew several convictions from these difficulties: the function of notary has a future in Europe and this is decided in Brussels. With this in mind, he called upon his successor and the members of the new Board to maintain a “constructive dialogue with the European institutions based not on corporatist defence, but on the calm assertion of the utility of our function, the effectiveness of the authentic instrument as an element of legal certainty and social peace”. Finally, he urged the notariats present to anticipate technological developments since “the European notariat’s future will be determined by its capacity to develop more common tools at the service of European citizens”.

Mr Pasqualis echoed this sentiment in his inaugural speech. He declared that he wanted the action of his presidency to build on the 2020 Plan of the Notaries of Europe. Thus, among his priorities for 2016 are the implementation from January of a new training programme involving the organisation of 11 seminars in 11 Member States. He called for notaries and the European institutions to be better informed about the projects developed by the Notaries of Europe, such as EUFides, the online collaboration platform, Bartolus, the platform for verification of electronic signatures and the interconnection of the registers of wills through the ENRWA.

All the delegations present then proceeded to the Italian Chamber of Deputies. They were received by MPs Donatella Ferranti (Chair of the Justice Committee), Franco Bordo (Chair of the Committee on European Policies), Andrea Martella and Silvia Fregolent. The Italian MPs underlined the importance of the CNUE’s contribution to building a European legal area, particularly through the various initiatives included in the 2020 Plan.

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