Dutch and German notariats join EUFides

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Developing the EUFides platform was one of the major priorities of the CNUE President, Mr Paolo Pasqualis, for his 2016 term of office. His wishes have come true since, at its General Assembly on 11 March, EUFides made official the membership of two new members: the Dutch and German notariats.

Approximately 400 notaries use the online platform, with some 100 files processed since its launch. We can therefore expect a significant increase in activity in EUFides in the coming months.

Concerning these developments, Mr Frank Molitor, the President of EUFides, declared “The Dutch and German notariats’ membership of the EUFides platform is proof of the trust in its quality and value, making it easier for European notaries to work together on cross-border files. These new memberships will lead to others in the near future and this is excellent news for European citizens“.