Slovak register joins European Network of Registers of Wills

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On 25 March 2016, the Slovak register of wills will become the 16th register of wills interconnected to the ENRW platform, in the section dedicated to searching for wills. Indeed, since last summer, this platform has had two sections which are different but complement each other, one for searching for wills drawn up or registered in another Member State, the other enabling the issuing authorities to conduct a cross-border search for European Certificates of Succession (ECS), the document created by Regulation No 650/2012 on cross-border successions.

Although the ECS area of the platform currently only comprises the French and Luxembourg registers, the “Wills” area brings together 16 European registers of wills, whose interconnection has enabled 16% of wills drawn up or registered abroad to be found. And in the remaining 84% of cases, the heirs are given the guarantee that no will has been registered abroad.

Because of its national legislation, the Slovak register will only be able to search the other European registers, but not be searched, in accordance with the national legislation, like the Austrian, German and Greek registers.

Since November 2015, the Hungarian register has obtained reciprocity of exchanges and the Slovak notariat may obtain the same change in legislation in the future. The ENRWA is therefore pursuing its objective of favouring the search for last wills abroad and finding ECSs issued within the European Union.

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