Commission presents Digital Single Market Strategy

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On 19 April 2016, the European Commission unveiled a set of measures to speed up the development of common standards in priority areas, such as 5G communication or cybersecurity and to modernise public services.

Regarding this last point, the Commission presented an action plan on digital public services. It observes that people and businesses are still not reaping the full benefit from digital public services that should be available seamlessly across the EU.

A set of measures will be launched by the end of 2017, including the following:
• set up a digital single gateway enabling users to obtain all information, assistance and problem-solving services needed to operate efficiently across borders.

• interconnect all business registries and insolvency registers and connect them to the e-justice portal, which will become a one-stop shop.

• set up a pilot project with administrations that will apply the "once-only" principle for businesses across borders. This means companies will only need to provide paperwork to public authorities in one EU country, even if they operate in other EU Member States.

• accelerate the transition to e-procurement, e-signatures and implementation of the "once-only" principle in public procurement.

The Commission communication on an “EU e-Government Action Plan 2016-2020. Accelerating the digital transformation of government” is available at: