European Notarial Network Meeting – 8 April 2016, Bucharest

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At the Romanian notariat’s invitation, the European Notarial Network interlocutors met in Bucharest on 8 April 2016 for the first of their two annual meetings. The participants discussed the various projects awaiting the ENN for 2016, which focus primarily on family law.

One of the initiatives planned is the creation of a checklist of the documents required by the notary in a Member State dealing with a file relating to family law. The implementation of a bilingual cross-check form for matrimonial property regimes and matrimonial agreements should be completed in the coming months. This tool will enable a notary from one Member State to put standard questions to a notary from another country regarding:

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- The existence or not of a convention on matrimonial matters and possible recording of the matrimonial convention and/or property regime in a register;
- Elements linked to matrimonial property regimes/conventions on matrimonial matters required by the notary from one Member State when drafting a document whose validity/content depends on the matrimonial property regime of another EU country;
- Situations in which notaries are confronted with the liquidation and consequences of the dissolution of a matrimonial property regime with foreign elements.

Finally, also in the context of the ENN, a conference will be organised in Venice on 23 September 2016, again on the subject of family law. The forthcoming Slovak presidency of the Council of the EU will be invited to this event, during which new tools developed by the ENN will be presented and tested.

The Bucharest meeting also provided the opportunity to present the ENN’s new IT infrastructure, which will enable all notaries in Europe to open an account with secure access to the databases and working documents provided by the ENN, to communicate in a structured way with their interlocutors and to share ideas on professional thematic forums. This new online platform is ready and will be online in the coming days. The CNUE will inform the notaries of Europe as soon as it opens.