International Workshop on Family Law – 30 September 2016, Venice

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On 30 September 2016, the CNUE held a workshop in Venice on the subject “European Cross-border Legal Realities and Practices in the Area of Family Law – The ENN and its instruments – opportunities for notaries and citizens”. The workshop was an integral part of a European Notarial Network (ENN) project benefiting from EU funding.

With the presence of prestigious speakers such as Italian MEP Lara Comi and representatives from the European Commission, discussions focused on the two recent European regulations on matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships, with two dedicated roundtables. The speakers for the notariat were Mr Paolo Pasqualis, CNUE President, Giovanni Liotta, ENN Coordinator, Mr Pedro Carrión, Chair of the CNUE’s Family Law working group, Mr Ernesto Marciano, President of the Notarial Council of Venice, and Mr Raul Radoi, CNUE Secretary General.

During the first roundtable, questions relating to the implementation by 18 Member States of the enhanced cooperation procedure were debated, in addition to the scope, entry into force and relations with other EU legislation such as the European regulation on international successions. During the second roundtable, the speakers examined the delicate issue of the effects in respect of third parties of choice of law agreements. The disclosure of regimes and the notary’s role were also at the centre of discussions.

Finally, the highlight of the day, the ENN’s online platform was presented to the many notaries in the audience. The notaries were invited to register so as to benefit from the this new tool’s functionalities. Launched in July 2016, the ENN platform now brings together some 550 users and this number is set to increase rapidly in the coming months.