José Marqueño de Llano, elected President of the International Union of Notaries

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On 19 October 2016, José Marqueño de Llano was elected as President of the International Union of Notaries (UINL). Marqueño, who was President of the General Council of the Spanish Notariat and a board member of the same organisation, will take office for the next three years (2017-2019), replacing the current President, Daniel-Sédar Senghor, from Senegal.

The programme I presented”, pointed out Marqueño, “is the fruit of the joint reflection of the Spanish Notariat, as we will take on this international presidency as a team. Even though the Spanish Notariat has always been closely involved in the UINL’s work, we believed that this was the right time to take a step forward and intensify our commitment to serving and helping the Union and all the notariats that make it up”.

In recent years Spanish notaries have taken on new competences and our role as a public authority has been acknowledged”, said José Marqueño. “We have also intensified our collaboration with the Public Administration in many ways, such as in the struggle against money laundering and tax fraud – which was expressly acknowledged internationally – and we have experienced hitherto unknown state-of-the-art technological development. The European and transatlantic vocation of the Spanish Notariat is right now a significant asset that will come to be a catalyst for efforts and projects in Europe and America. In this regard we believe it is a priority to share and broaden this experience with notariats in Africa and Asia. We have to be able to demonstrate something that is true: that the notarial system is as efficient as any other and not more burdensome from a financial standpoint”.

Among the new President’s main goals we could highlight reinforcing the presence of notaries as a guarantee of citizens’ fundamental rights, transmitting the values of notariats to society, broadening the functions of notaries to the benefit of citizens, and defending notarial documents, promoting the acknowledgement thereof as a focal point of the worldwide preventive legal certainty system, in reference to its social usefulness.

In order to reach these goals, the UINL will carry out various different actions, such as promoting the participation of notaries all over the world in domestic and international bodies to make people aware of the potential of the notarial system, to encourage dialogue and exchange among the different legal systems to build bridges for cooperation, intensifying collaboration with the Public Administrations and the judicial powers of Member Notariats, reaffirming the professional ethics of notaries by designing preventive systems for reprehensible behaviour, boosting activities for the ongoing training of notaries in the 86 Member States, and driving technological and digital implantation in all Notariats. 

About the International Union of Notaries

The International Union of Notaries (UINL) is a non-governmental organisation. It aims to promote, co-ordinate and develop the function and activities of notaries throughout the world. It assures their dignity and independence and is formed by 86 countries representing 2/3 of the world population.

The UINL is run by a council of seven members, who are appointed every three years. At their head is the President and five Vice-Presidents, representing the five continents and sub-continents in the Union (North and Central America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia), together with a treasurer. The headquarters are located in Rome (Italy) and there is a Permanent Notarial Office of International Exchange (O.N.P.I) in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Professional background

José Marqueño de Llano is a notary in Barcelona and was President of the General Council of the Spanish Notariat from 2005 to 2008. During his term in office at the CGN he played an active role in various important decisions, such as the setting up of the Centralised Laundering Prevention Unit (OCP) and the Tax Collaboration Body (OCT) of Spanish notaries – to fight against money laundering and tax fraud – and in the establishment of a computer network which links all Spanish notary offices between themselves and to the Public Administrations.

Marqueño de Llano was also a board member of the International Union of Notaries, Vice-President of the Permanent Notarial Office of International Exchange, President of the Aequitas Foundation (which defends the rights of the most vulnerable people), President of Ancert (The Notary Certification Agency) and President of the Notaries’ Cultural Foundation.

In the academic field the new President of the UINL has lectured at the Autonomous University of Catalonia and the Pompeu y Fabra University, directed various different courses and is the author of several publications.