European Notarial Network Meeting – Bratislava, 28 October 2016

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The European Notarial Network (ENN – held the second meeting of its interlocutors in Bratislava on 28 October 2016. The choice of the Slovakian notariat as host was not insignificant since this country currently holds the presidency of the Council of the EU.

Consequently, the interlocutors and the Vice-President of the Slovakian notariat, Mr Miroslav Pavlovic, welcomed two representatives from the Slovak Ministry of Justice, Dr Michal Kotlarik and Ms Martina Kállayová. They spoke at the beginning of the meeting, discussing the presidency’s priorities and work underway at the European notariat.

Discussions also focused on the development and consolidation of the new ENN electronic platform. Since July 2016, the platform has been accessible to the 40 000 notaries of Europe. In addition to the possibility of contacting their national interlocutors electronically for help with cross-border files, notaries can use many practical tools and resources free of charge, including subject-based forums, legal databases, bilingual forms to facilitate information exchange, etc.

The Bratislava meeting gave the ENN interlocutors the possibility to review the functioning of the platform, discuss the first user feedback and finalise the content of new practical tools. In the coming months, new functionalities relating to protective measures for the vulnerable, public documents and family law will be added, in line with the recent adoption of the two European regulations on matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships.