CNUE – IRENE – CAE Publication “Les Successions en Europe”

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A book for Europe, for the legal world and citizens.

The book “Successions en Europe” (“Successions in Europe”), being the product of excellent collaboration between all the European notarial institutions, is at present an important work for the following reasons:
-              It contains the inheritance laws of 42 European countries, in itself a vast compilation.
-              Succession being the most popular of civil law, it interests not only the legal world, namely magistrates, notaries and lawyers, but also, and perhaps above all, citizens.
-              Following entry into force on 17 August 2015 of EU Regulation 650/2012, this work responds to a legal need, which requires notaries to know and be able to apply, repeatedly, a foreign inheritance law.

Sound knowledge of the foreign law enables its application to the settling of a succession, both in advance and in preparing it as appropriately as possible.

It should be stressed that this publication is the product the European notariat’s initiative. It is based on the “Manuel de Droit Privé et de Justice Préventive” (“Handbook of Private Law and Preventive Justice”) by the Vice-President of the I.R.E.N.E, Mr Alfonso Renteria, and has been updated by notaries and their highly competent staff.

The work is on sale for EUR 60 (+ postal fees/mailing costs). The order form is available on the UINL website  in French only.