CNUE – Transfer of Powers – Madrid, 16 January 2017

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Mr José Manuel García Collantes, a Spanish notary in Madrid, took over from Mr Paolo Pasqualis at the helm of the CNUE at a ceremony for the transfer of powers held in Madrid on Monday 16 January.

Mr Rafael Catalá, the Spanish Minister of Justice, honoured the participants with his presence and affirmed his confidence in the notarial function. “I am sue you know clearly what is your role in the EU: to create a European law at the service of citizens. (…) The new European reality requires its legal system to be brought into line, which is why such important reforms have been launched – with notaries’ cooperation – as the one which created the regulation on successions. We are facing challenging times. We need to step up our efforts and work together on new fronts, such as in the fight against money laundering and on the control of unfair terms”, he declared. The minister then underlined the quality of the working relations and cooperation between the notariat and the ministry.

The new CNUE President, Mr García Collantes, echoed the Minister’s words: “Notaries contribute to the stability of the European Union by taking care of citizens’ private interests. They answer the questions of ordinary people, the objective that is the basis of the European project”.

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