José Marqueño de Llano is sworn in as the President of the UINL

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On 3 February 2017, the Spanish notary José Marqueño de Llano was sworn in, at the Madrid Chamber, as the President of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) for the next three years.

Marqueño was accompanied by representatives from the 87 member countries of this organisation, comprising more than 300,000 notaries from the three corners of the world, including the regional vice-presidents Tchassona Traore (Africa), Fernando Trueba (Central America, North America and the Caribbean), Jorge Mateo (South America), Hao Chiyong (Asia) and Sigrun Erber-Faller (Europe).

At the event, which inaugurated the organisation’s 2017-2019 term, Marqueño stated that the "member notaries of the UINL are at the disposal of the institutions to collaborate in preventing and fighting money laundering."

José Marqueño’s other lines of action will focus on new technology, through the creation of a Worldwide Network that will enable citizens to contact the UINL’s 300,000 notaries, providing training and exchanging notarial knowledge (e.g. the forthcoming expert meeting in Georgia on the blockchain), and supporting emerging notariats (e.g. Serbia, which is a new UINL member).

The main objectives in the new president’s programme are to reinforce the notarial function as a way of guaranteeing the fundamental rights of citizens, transmit the notarial values to society, expand the notaries’ functions for the benefit of citizens and defend the notarial authentic instrument, fostering its recognition as an essential structure for a secure worldwide legal certainty system based on their social utility.

To meet those objectives, the UINL will undertake actions such as fostering the world notaries’ participation in the domestic and international bodies so that the notarial system’s potential is made known; fostering dialogue and exchange between the various legal systems to create meeting and collaboration spaces; intensifying collaboration with the public administrations and judiciary of the members’ states; reinforcing the notarial ethics by designing systems to prevent and deter reprehensible conduct; fostering activities aimed at the ongoing training of the notaries of the 87 member countries; and fostering technological implementation and a digital environment among all the notaries.

About the International Union of Notaries
The UINL is a non-governmental organisation. It aims to promote, co-ordinate and develop the function and activities of notaries throughout the world. It assures their dignity and independence and is formed by 87 countries representing 2/3 of the world population.
The UINL is run by a council of seven members, who are appointed every three years. At their head is the President and five Vice-Presidents, representing the five continents and sub-continents in the Union (North and Central America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia), together with a treasurer. The headquarters are located in Rome (Italy) and there is a Permanent Notarial Office of International Exchange (O.N.P.I) in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Professional background
José Marqueño de Llano is a notary in Barcelona and was President of the General Council of the Spanish Notariat from 2005 to 2008. Marqueño de Llano was also a board member of the International Union of Notaries, Vice-President of the Permanent Notarial Office of International Exchange, President of the Aequitas Foundation (which defends the rights of the most vulnerable people), President of Ancert (the Notary Certification Agency) and President of the Notaries’ Cultural Foundation.
In the academic field, the new President of the UINL has lectured at the Autonomous University of Catalonia and the Pompeu Fabra University, directed various different courses and is the author of several publications.

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