29th Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries – Salzburg, 20-21 April 2017

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For the 29th consecutive year, the Austrian notaries are holding the Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries, which will take place in Salzburg on 20-21 April 2017. This year’s event will focus on “Digitalisation in Company Law: Opportunities and Risks”.

The challenges of digitalisation affect all areas of law and have now also reached company law, which - by tradition - is nationally influenced.

Digitalisation in company law at European level is one of the priorities the Juncker Commission has set itself for 2017. Its ultimate aim is for the entire life cycle of a company to be handled online. Documents are to be submitted only once (“once only principle”), all procedures should be digital as a standard (“digital by default”), and company-law transactions across national borders should be enabled online. Company law is facing major changes, many questions remain open.

Against this backdrop, this conference wants to explore the opportunities as well as the risks of digitalisation in company law.

Which company-law procedures can be improved through the use of technological means? What does a start-up really need to assert itself in the digital corporate world? How can legal certainty be ensured in light of the changing requirements governing formation? What is the value of sound advice and personal exchange in this new world? How are the provisions on anti-money laundering compatible with digitalisation?

These are only some questions which illustrate how difficult it sometimes is to weigh different interests in company law.

To consult the programme and register for the conference: http://www.notar.at/de/aktuelles/veranstaltungen/29-europaeische-notarentage/conference-european-civil-law-notaries/