European Commission support for notarial mediation

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With the European Commission’s support, the CNUE is working to create a common framework for the practice of notarial mediation in Europe. The Commission is providing financial assistance for the implementation of the programme “Mediation for Notaries - Notaries for Mediation”, which will run throughout 2018.

The programme includes five workshops in five different countries and a closing conference in Brussels. These workshops will provide a better understanding of the practice of mediation at national level, particularly in cross-border cases.

These workshops will form the basis of a common guide for the practice of notarial mediation at European level. They will also make it possible to create a network of notary-mediators and to envisage in the future the provision of practical tools for them.

The project kick-off meeting took place at the CNUE offices in Brussels on 23 October 2017. The first seminar will be held in Spain in January 2018. The information and all documents produced during the project will be made available in a specific section of the CNUE website dedicated to mediation.