GoInEU Project – Facilitating the settlement of cross-border successions

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Under the coordination of the University of Florence and in partnership with the Universities of Budapest, Coimbra and Valencia, the CNRS, the Italian Association of Family Lawyers and the Italian Foundation of Notaries, the GoInEU project (“Governing Inheritance Statutes after the Entry into Force of EU Succession Regulation”) has just started.

The aim of this project, co-funded by the European Commission, is to contribute to the correct and coherent application of the Succession Regulation through analytical and capacity building activities targeting legal practitioners.

More specifically, through a series of three seminars and a final conference, the programme aims to: 1. analyse the impact of the Succession Regulation in its first years of application with regard to: (i) migrant families; (ii) family models with different degrees of recognition in Member States; (iii) relationships with the new Family Regulations; (iv) successions interested by alien contractual schemes; (v) status filiations constituted abroad; (vi) inheritance of digital goods; 2. capacitate legal practitioners to correctly apply the Regulation in their daily practice and in cross-border situations.

The first seminar will take place at the College of Notaries of Valencia on 23 March 2018. Registration and programme information is available on the project website: www.goineu.eu