Mediation for Notaries – Notaries for Mediation

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The CNUE’s Mediation for Notaries – Notaries for Mediation programme is now on track. All the workshops have been held in optimal conditions in Madrid (15 January), Paris (23 February), Ljubljana (8 March), Rome (16 March) and Brussels (19 March). They allowed fruitful exchanges between the 190 or so European notary-mediators present. A closing conference will be held in Brussels during the second half of the year.

The workshops provided a better understanding of the practice of mediation at national level, particularly in the handling of cross-border cases. On the basis of these exchanges, a practical guide will be now created.

Based on the observation that notaries or parties confronted with a cross-border conflict are often unaware of the various options and choices available to participate in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, the guide will identify the elements to be taken into account by notaries before, during and after a cross-border mediation procedure.

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