Meeting of European Notarial Network – Ljubljana, 23-24 May 2019

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For its first annual meeting, the European Notarial Network (ENN) organised a two-day event in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. On 23 May, a seminar on family law and data protection was held in the context of the first anniversary of the application of the European GDPR Regulation. Pierre-Luc Vogel, President of the CNUE, opened the debates in the presence of Sonja Kralj, President of the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia, and the State Secretary for Justice Gregor Strojin.

Pierre-Luc Vogel addressed Mr Strojin, highlighting the central role played by notaries in many Member States in the implementation of the new European regulations on international successions, matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships. Notaries assume these competences in a global context of reducing judicial procedures that is rapidly developing in many countries. These increasingly give notaries new competences, such as for example for divorce by mutual consent, in order to relieve the State and the courts of their administrative burdens.

Jaša Vrabec, Chair of the working group on the evaluation of judicial systems of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ, an emanation of the Council of Europe), was also among the speakers. He spoke with Pierre-Luc Vogel: an opportunity to highlight the excellent working relationship with the CNUE. Every two years, the CNUE contributes to the drafting of a report on the efficiency of the notarial profession. This report explains how it works in the various European countries, illustrated with examples of national good practice. Mr Vogel and Mr Vrabec agreed on ways of working to further develop this report.

On 24 May, the day was devoted to the meeting of the ENN interlocutors. The participants reviewed the various actions planned for 2019, in particular those involving European Commission co-funding: the organisation of workshops, the creation of a database for company representation rights in the Member States, the updating of CNUE information websites and increased communication with European notaries to acquaint them with the platform.