Workshop with the Dutch notariat on the interconnection of registers of wills and ECSs

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In cooperation with the Dutch notariat, the ENRWA held a workshop on 14 May in The Hague. The workshop brought together some twenty Dutch notaries, representatives of the national register and ENRWA Directors to discuss the interconnection of registers of wills and ECSs.

The President of the ENRWA, Philippe Girard, introduced the meeting by recalling the links between the Dutch notariat and the ENRWA: interconnected since 2012, the Dutch register is among the most active on the ENRW platform. A significant number of wills are also found each year in the Netherlands (39%). Geertjan Sarneel, an ENRWA Director and Dutch notary, underlined how easy it was to use the tool. Mr Girard pointed out that notaries were liable if they did not search for a foreign file when there was a provision in that country. Aart Barkey Wolf, member of the KNB office, then took the floor to warmly welcome the ENRWA members and the notaries who had come to participate in this workshop.

This meeting provided a practical explanation of the steps involved in the search for a will from the notary’s office to the receipt of the reply from the foreign register. Fruitful exchanges took place between the participants. The factsheets drawn up by the ENRWA and accessible online on the website were also presented.

Finally, the value of setting up a platform for the interconnection of ECS registers was underlined, in particular as a tool for searching for this new European instrument since its creation by the EU. The Dutch, French and Luxembourg registers are already interconnected by this means.

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