Open letter to European Commissioners Věra Jourová and Didier Reynders

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the European notariat congratulates you on your nomination as European Commissioners and extends to you its best wishes for success.

The European notariat has been represented in Brussels since 1993. As a constant force of proposals and support for the proper application of European Union law, it is pleased to have been able to work with your predecessors, in particular on the drafting of regulations and directives on international successions, the circulation of public documents, the fight against money laundering, the recognition of the property consequences of matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships, and company law. Our place was here, it is our role, as practitioners serving families, businesspeople, communities, to share our experience, our first-hand feedback and then to ensure that the rule of law is applied as effectively as possible.

Through European co-funding, the European notariat has been able, among other things, to organise cross-border training courses on EU legislation, develop information websites, hold many workshops to exchange best practices and set up the European interconnection of registers of wills. This co-funding has made it possible to improve notarial practice and provide better legal support for citizens.

We would like to thank your predecessors. Today, we wish to be able to continue this good cooperation, with you and in the same spirit of trust, at the service of all users of the law.

For this new legislature, we would like to have the courage, together with all the actors concerned, to take up the subject of the protection of vulnerable adults. More and more European citizens, due to old age or illness, are no longer able to express their will clearly and live or have interests in several countries. Protection regimes are not systematically recognised and a person placed under a protection regime in one Member State should be protected in all Member States.

This subject should not be overshadowed by political considerations. It can be addressed during this legislature. Five years is the time needed for the European Commission to engage with all stakeholders, draft a proposal, negotiate it with the European Parliament and the Council and finally adopt it. You can count on our support to achieve this. The support of a responsible and committed notarial profession, an essential cog in our continental legal system and an integral part of our European culture.

Pierre-Luc Vogel
CNUE President