The MOOC Platform EMMA: Training Tools on EU Law for Notaries

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Under the EuLawInEN Project supported by the EU Justice Programme 2014-2020, the Fondazione Italiana del Notariato together with the Cassa Nazionale del Notariato, the Bulgarian and Hungarian Chambers of Notaries and the International Association of Judges published online on the MOOC Platform "EMMA” ( ) the following e-learning training tools, available for free:

- one e-learning course titled “e-REGULATIONS IN PRACTICE”: 18 video lessons of 20h in total with downloadable slides, a final test and a bibliography, including a glossary on legal English terminology;

- three sit-coms: providing interactive scenarios with the simulation of practical cases addressing real-life situations mostly common for the subjects under consideration and requiring the interaction of the player in order to solve the cases in the best possible manner through the application of EU law.

- one serious game: comprising different steps aiming at testing, in an interactive and playful manner, EU law knowledge acquired after attending the training seminars and watching the e-learning course video lessons.

All the e-learning resources are in English adopting the Content and Language Integrated Learning (C.L.I.L.) methodology and deal with cases and issues related to the application of the EU Regulations 650/2012, 1103/2016 and 1104/2016. Access to these materials offers a great opportunity to improve the knowledge of successions, matrimonial property regimes, and property consequences of registered partnerships as well as the English language.
 This has been done with the support of experienced suppliers dedicated to developing the technical part of the e-learning tools and of selected experts in the field for the scientific content.

 Please consult the instructions to access the EMMA platform:

For additional information on the EULawInEN Project, please visit the dedicated website at: