European Day of Justice – 25 October 2020

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On 25 October we will celebrate the European Day of Justice. Organised by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, this symbolic day aims to bring justice closer to citizens and inform them about their rights.
Every year, the CNUE joins in these celebrations and its members hold information sessions, educational conferences and free consultations in which several thousand people, ordinary citizens, students, pensioners and business people, take part. They can obtain information, ask questions about their family and property situation and learn more about the role of the notary and the European and national institutions.
This year, the European notariat is holding events in the following countries:
Germany. The Bundesnotarkammer and the CNUE are jointly organising an online conference in Berlin on 2 November on the theme “Providing legal certainty in exceptional circumstances”. The German Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Christine Lambrecht, has confirmed her participation in the opening ceremony. Registration is open until 28 October:

- Belgium. The Belgian notariat is organising Facebook Live sessions on “How to prepare my succession?”. On 26 October at 12.30 for French speakers: On 28 October at 12.00 for Dutch speakers:

Spain. A major information campaign in the press and on social media will be organised by the Spanish notariat for young people.

Italy. On 25 October, a digital version of the play “This Constitution is a show” will be broadcast simultaneously in six prisons. The play has already been performed in schools and theatres. During the performance, notaries will describe the Constitution to the prisoners as if it were a novel, focusing on the articles related to detention and the rights of prisoners (inviolable rights, principle of equality, right to defence, to a fair trial, etc.) using both the texts and commentaries of the Constitution with a soundtrack designed for the event, video clips, references to the press, television and journalists.

Lithuania. On 26 October, all Lithuanian notaries’ offices will be open to the general public for free legal consultations.

Malta. On 29 and 30 October, the Maltese notariat is holding a conference on the practical aspects of matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships under the EU Regulations 2016/1103 and 2016/1104. For further information: 

The Netherlands. The Dutch notariat is holding a webinar on 23 October on “European couples”. This webinar will deal with marriage contracts, registered partnerships and buying a house for international couples (contact Marie-Louise de Vos, and Lineke Minkjan, From 25 to 31 October, the notarial documents of the Amsterdam City Archives will be showcased (contact Ellen Fleurbaaij,,

Poland. The Polish notariat is organising “The Open Day of the Notariat - Mind your own business. Protect your estate. Talk to a notary” on 28 November. The regional notarial chambers will answer questions from the general public by telephone and on the Internet.

Romania. On 25 October, between 9.00 and 13.00, the Romanian notariat will hold legal consultations online or by telephone for the general public.

Slovenia. On 23 October, Slovenian notaries will inform and raise awareness of citizens online about their rights in the field of civil law. Special attention will be paid to wills, their drafting and filing. On the same day, a formal event will be organised during which a film will be screened as a preview on the history of the notariat in Slovenia, filmed on the 25th anniversary of the notariat in independent Slovenia. Finally, a new edition of the magazine “Notarski vestnik” will be published, and notaries will appear in the media and on television programmes by telephone where they will answer viewers’ questions in the field of civil law.