Malta – Issuance of secure digital warrants through Blockcerts

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A new initiative spearheaded by the Office of the Notary to Government is the issuance of secure digital warrants through Blockcerts. Blockcerts is aimed to give Maltese Notaries lifelong recipient owned digital warrants. Blockcerts can be verified instantly and for free, without the need to check with the issuing institution, in this case the Office of the Notary to Government. Such digital credentials are tamper proof and hence reduce risk of fraud and increase trust in the issued credential. This is being achieved by making use of the blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of such digital warrant.

Another advantage of such digital warrant credential is the ease of how this can be shared. Such digital warrant can be shared via text, email and even uploaded on social media platform like LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Instagram and even Twitter. The public, including potential clients, can independently verify that warrants are still active and in good standing and hence is an added value especially for foreign clients.
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