Launch of the "MAPE - Successions" project

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On Thursday 4 February, the CNUE launched the project "Monitoring and evaluation of the application of the EU Regulation 650/2012 on successions" (hereafter "MAPE Successions"), co-funded by the European Union. Over a period of two years, this project aims to analyse the implementation of the regulation in all the countries covered by the CNUE with the help of the 22 EU notariats and the ENRWA (Association of the European Network of Registers of Wills -

Regulation (EU) no. 650/2012 on successions has been in force since August 2015. In accordance with Article 82 of the Regulation, the Commission will present, no later than August 2025, a report on its application, including an assessment of the practical problems encountered. The report will be accompanied, where appropriate, by proposals for amendments. 

Since in most EU countries the field of succession is a notary competence, a contribution from the CNUE is expected. The evaluation implemented within the framework of the "MAPE Inheritances" project will cover both quantitative and qualitative data: number of successions with cross-border elements each year, number of wills identified abroad, number of European Certificates of Succession, difficulties in applying the regulation, etc. The results and conclusions, in the form of a study, will be presented to the European institutions at a conference in Brussels at the end of 2022.