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In conjunction with the Italian notariat's national congress, the 4th Colloquium of Mediterranean Notariats took place in Naples on 16-17 November 2012. This edition of the event follows the previous meetings held in Marseille (October 2006), Antalya (October 2008) and Algiers (June 2010). The event brought together close to 200 legal professionals from around the Mediterranean area.

This initiative is aimed at developing cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean area between European Union notariats and their neighbours. The objective is to promote cultural exchange while respecting the diversity of each country, and to work towards mutual understanding and the creation of a common legal area in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The two days of technical work gave the speakers the opportunity to compare the legal systems in force in many different countries, concentrating on topics such as family solidarity, information technology, ethics, and mediation.

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Gianni Pittella, Vice-President of the European Parliament

The colloquium was honoured to have Italian MEP Gianni Pittella as one of the speakers. Highlighting the importance of ever increasing cooperation between Mediterranean countries, he asked the notariat to participate in the work of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly by, in the future, forming a working group dedicated to approximating national legislation.

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