Turkish Notariat becomes CNUE Observer Member

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In a unanimous decision by its General Assembly, which met in Brussels on 19 March 2013, the CNUE welcomes a new observer member: the Turkish notariat. This notariat will now be able to participate in the Assemblies and keep up-to-date with the CNUE’s activities.

There are 1768 notaries in the Turkish notariat who are members of one of its 18 regional chambers, these chambers working under a national chamber. The national Chamber is responsible for allocating notary practices and it also exercises disciplinary control. The profession’s organisation and statutes are enshrined in the provisions of the Basic Law of 18 January 1972: regional coverage, tariffs, the numerous clausus and regulated entry, all principles with which the Turkish notaries are familiar.

Turkish notaries have broad competences in the field of company law, particularly for setting up public limited companies and private limited liability companies, as well as for transferring shares. In family law, the Turkish notary has exclusive competence to draw up a will, a waiver of a succession or a notarised document designating the heirs and stating their shares in the inheritance. Finally, Turkish notaries are competent for authenticating second-hand car sales.

Turkish notariat’s website: http://www.tnb.org.tr