Croatian Notariat becomes 22nd CNUE Member

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As Croatia joins the European Union, the Notaries of Europe (CNUE) welcome their Croatian colleagues to their ranks.

The CNUE President, Mr Frank Molitor, declared: “We are particularly happy to have our Croatian colleagues in our institution. The Croatian notariat is not new to our structure as it was already an observer member. This enabled it to be involved in certain projects, such as the European Notarial Network. Today, their contribution to our European projects takes on the dimension of a full member.

For Ms Lucija Popov, President of the Croatian notariat, joining the CNUE “represents a real opportunity. More than ever in Europe, the notarial profession must be recognised as a guarantor of legal certainty for citizens and businesses. Thanks to its actions, it provides the conditions for stable economic growth for the State and for the community. With our European colleagues, we will make our contribution to the area of justice, freedom and security.”

The Croatian notariat is made up of approximately 500 notaries and candidate notaries and has deep historical roots. Croatia is one of the countries with a Mediterranean culture where the notariat has existed since the eleventh century. Following a break during the communist era, the Croatian notariat was re-established in 1994 based on the continental notarial mode. Croatian notaries have competence in real estate sales, setting up companies, gifting and succession declarations.

An official ceremony will be held in the CNUE offices in Brussels on 26 September 2013.