Statement from Ms Popov, President of the Croatian Notariat

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Now that Croatia has become a member of the European Union, the Croatian notariat has joined the ranks of the CNUE as a full member, represented by its president, Ms Lucija Popov. As an observing member since 2004, the Croatian notariat already has experience of the CNUE’s work and it wants to get involved in the life of the organisation immediately. As soon as Croatia’s official entry in the EU had been announced, Ms Popov declared:

The notarial profession must be recognized as a profession that provides citizens with legal certainty and ensures conditions for stable growth, for the State and for society. It must meet all the requirements of the parties involved, professionally and in step with modern technologies.

The CNUE's task and the task of every CNUE member notariat is to promote and represent the notarial profession. This is accomplished primarily by on-going work on new projects that contribute significantly to the creation of a European area of justice, all for the benefit of European citizens.

Implementation of initiatives, such as the Successions Europe, Couples in Europe and European Notarial Network web applications, gives easier and faster access to notarial services.

These projects are going in the right direction and the Croatian notariat will be whole-heartedly involved in future projects within the various CNUE working groups.

The CNUE has a role involving strong cooperation with the European institutions, and particularly with the European Commission. This is not the role of an observer but rather as initiator and promoter of projects. In line with the EU projects and legislative initiatives that are important to notaries, the CNUE must endeavour to be involved in the European strategy for the development of an area of freedom, security and justice.

Informing and teaching European colleagues is also important. On-going training in the field of EU Law and the laws of the other Member States is a task which the CNUE should continue, such as this year's “Europe for Notaries-Notaries for Europe” programme. Bilateral cooperation between notariats is desirable for the training of notaries, especially those dealing with a large number of cross-border issues.

The mutual communication and coordination of notariats within the CNUE provides insight into and favours the comparative analysis of the profession at national level. This is useful on a national level as data can be obtained and analysed by the various institutes that exist in the notariats of the Member States. This makes it possible to identify the best European practices. On a national level this can serve as a good foundation to prepare legislative initiatives.

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