Assises de la Justice, 21/22 November 2013

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What is the role of Justice in the European Union?

With the European elections in sight, the Commission intends to launch a broad debate on the role of justice in the European Union. To this end, it is holding a major conference – the ‘Assises de la Justice’ – on 21 and 22 November 2013 bringing together the sector’s stakeholders: high-ranking European and national policy-makers, judges from the supreme courts and other jurisdictions and representatives from the judicial authorities and legal professions.

In advance of this conference, the Commission opened a consultation, publishing five discussion papers covering European civil, criminal and administrative law, as well as the rule of law and fundamental rights in the EU. In the area of civil justice, the Commission is focusing on the rules concerning the service of documents, the enforcement of judgements and growth-enhancing measures to tackle discrepancies between national insolvency laws and market and technological developments (such as contractual issues related to cloud computing).

The input gathered will be discussed at the Assises de la Justice and will serve as a basis for a European Commission communication on future initiatives in the field of justice and home affairs policies planned for spring 2014. This communication will then be examined at the European Council of June 2014 with a view to setting out the post-Stockholm Programme policy for 2014-2018.

The Commission’s five discussion papers are available at:

For further information on the Assises de la justice: