Training Seminar, 13/06/14 - Madrid

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<b>Training Seminar, 13/06/14 - Madrid</b>

Seminar on International Successions


  1. Mr José Manuel García Collantes, President of the Spanish Notariat

  2. Mr Lorenzo Prats Albentosa, Lecturer in civil law

  3. Mr Juan Gómez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, Notary in Aoiz (Spain), Graduate in European Law (College of Europe – Bruges)

  4. Ms Elisabeth García Cueto, Notary in Barcelona (Spain)

  5. Mr François Tremosa, Notary in Toulouse (France)

  6. Ms Ana Fernández-Tresguerres García, Notary in Madrid (Spain)

  7. Mr Juan-Carlos Martín Romero, Notary in Malaga (Spain)

  8. Ms Ioana Olaru, Notary in Bucarest (Romania)

  9. Mr Domenico Damascelli, Notary in Bologna (Italy)

  10. Mr José-María Gómez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, Notary in Briviesca (Spain), Graduate in European Law (College of Europe – Bruges)

  11. Mr Luc Weyts, Honorary Notary (Belgium)

  12. Mr Alfonso Rentería Arocena, Notary and Mortgage registrar in Bilbao (Spain)

  13. Ms Inmaculada Espiñeira Soto, Notary in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


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This seminar will examine the new European regulation of 4 July 2012 harmonising the rules of private international law on succession matters and introducing a European certificate of succession. The European institutions’ work to harmonise the rules of private international law relating to matrimonial property law and registered partnerships will also be presented on this occasion. In order to make the seminar as relevant as possible to notarial practice, the effects of these new rules will be examined in the light of cross-border case studies.

I. Introduction to the regulation on successions

II. Law applicable to successions

III. European Certificate of Succession

IV. Movement, recognition, consequences and registration of public instruments in succession matters and of the European Certificate of Succession. Adaptation of right in rem.

V. Case study


Simultaneous interpretation will be made in english, french, italian and spanish.


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