Position Papers

CNUE identification number in European Commission’s Register of interest représentatives: 9108490742-26


Position of the CNUE concerning the e-Justice Action Plan 2014-2018


The Notaries of Europe welcome the European institutions’ initiatives to develop e-Justice, a key area for citizens and legal practitioners that is particularly close to our hearts. First, the notaries support the suggestion to associate legal practitioners, including notaries, in future discussions in the area of online justice and, in this context, confirm the CNUE’s offer of cooperation.

The CNUE attaches great importance to policies relating to online justice. For a long time now, notaries have been using tools offered by e-Justice, both at national and European level. In many Member States, in close cooperation with the ministries of justice and their other State or institutional partners, the notaries have already successfully developed tangible solutions with a view to gradually adapting the administration of preventive justice to the challenges brought by new technologies. Thanks to this work, they have acquired practical skills in the area of e-Justice. The notaries’ experience in digitalisation needs no further proof.