Franco-Bulgarian Notarial Colloquium in Sofia, honouring the ENRWA

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On Friday 6 November, the Bulgarian and French notariats held their traditional annual colloquium in which approximately 80 people participated, gathered together to study the national inheritance laws of both countries in the context of the application of the European regulation on international successions.

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Mr Philippe Girard, President of the ENRWA, spoke twice, comparing practice with regard to drafting wills in the 26 EU countries. His contributions were followed by many questions, particularly concerning professional secrecy in relation to wills. In Bulgaria, the authentic will is public, which is an original situation in Europe. For this reason, Bulgarian notaries principally practise using holograph wills. The President of the ENRWA encouraged Bulgarian notaries to search other countries’ registers of wills more often.

At the beginning of the morning, the two notariats renewed their cooperation agreement for two years. The agreement relates essentially to training aspects and the exchange of good practice.