Training Seminar - 11/11/16, Tallinn

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Training Seminar - 11/11/16, Tallinn

Seminar on the EU Regulation on Succession


  1. Prof. Dr. Anatol DUTTA, M. Jur. (Oxford), Chair for Private Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law - Faculty of Law, University of Regensburg

  2. Maarja TORGA, LLM., Councillor to the Civil Chamber, Supreme Court of the Republic of Estonia - Lecturer of civil law, University of Tartu

  3. Dr. jur. Priidu PÄRNA, Notary in Tallinn


  1. Edgar GRÜNBERG, LLM., Notary in Tartu

  2. Eve PÕTTER, LLM., Legal Adviser to the Estonian Chamber of Notaries

  3. Aigars KAUPE, LLM., Notary in Riga

  4. Iluta SAULIETE, LLM., Notary in Cēsis

  5. Svajonė ŠALTAUSKIENĖ, LLM., Notary in Vilnius

  6. Eglė ČAPLINSKIENĖ, LLM., Legal consultant to the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries

  7. Catarina POTILA, LLM., Senior Legal Support Officer at the Swedish Tax Agency´s office in Härnösand

  8. Lisa JOHANSSON, LLM., Senior Legal Support Officer at the Swedish Tax Agency´s office in Visby

  9. Tanja TAMS, LLM., Public Notary, Senior Inspector at the Local Register Office in Helsinki


  1. Registration


  2. European Succession Regulation and impact on national law


  3. Lunch


  4. Case study and panel discussion



Simultaneous interpretation will be made in English, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian


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