Final Conference - 24/02/2017, Roma

Europe for Notaries, Notaries for Europe

Final Conference - 24/02/2017, Roma

Final Conference


09.00 - 09.30 REGISTRATION
09.30 – 13.00 

Words of welcome:
Salvatore Lombardo
President of the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (CNN)

José Manuel García Collantes
2017 President of the CNUE

Cesare Felice Giuliani
President of the Consiglio Notarile di Roma

Domenico Cambareri (notary in Milan) and Valentina Rubertelli (notary in Reggio Emilia)
International coordinators at Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (CNN)

Presentation of EC initiatives in judicial training:
Emmanuelle Cretin-Magand
Policy Officer European Commission DG Justice

Outline of 2015-2017 « Europe for Notaries – Notaries for Europe » training program:
Marc Wilmus (coordinator of CNUE Training Component) and Raul Radoi (CNUE Secretary General)

European Successions, overview and perspectives:
Prof. Mag. Dr. Brigitta Lurger, LL.M. (Harvard), Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Institute of Civil Law, Foreign and Private International Law
Prof. Dr. Patrick Wautelet, Professeur - Faculté de Droit de l’Université de Liège (BE)

13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH

14.00 – 17.30

Round table moderated by Dr. Giovanni Liotta (European Notarial Network Coordinator)

Work at 11 national seminars - Analysis of the practical issues that could arise for notaries in cross-border succession procedures
Prof. Brigitta Lurger, (Austria), Prof. Patrick Wautelet, (Belgium), Roberto Barone (notary, in Turin, Italy), Juan Gómez-Riesco Tabernero (Notary in Aoiz, Spain), Marc Wilmus (notary in Brussels, Belgium), Richard Crône (notary in Paris, France) and Johannes Weber (Director DNI, Germany)

Conclusions and greetings:
Giovanni Liotta (ENN Coordinator, Notary) and Marc Wilmus (coordinator of CNUE Training Component)


Simultaneous interpretation will be made in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


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