European notariat meets French notaries in Paris

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On Tuesday 1 December, CNUE President Jean Tarrade, CNUE Vice-President Paolo Pasqualis, Mr Jens Borman (President of the German notariat) and Mr Ivaylo Ivanov (Bulgarian CNUE Director) participated together in a roundtable organised by the Liaison Assembly of the Notaries of France in Paris.

President Tarrade gave an overview of the 2015 CNUE presidency and reported on the various political meetings and events organised. The other European speakers presented their vision of the European notariat and the profession’s projects and compared the different national aspirations. New technologies were discussed extensively, including use of the EUFides platform. French notaries had the opportunity to ask the speakers about their national practices: handling of clients’ funds, combating money laundering, etc.

Mr Edward Gardiner, a Scrivener notary in London, was also present. An expert in continental law, he answered questions from French notaries wanting to have a better grasp of how their “common law cousins” work. Two other speakers from outside the notariat also spoke. These were Jacques Fourvel, adviser to the CEO of the Casino Group retail giant for legal certainty and prevention, who talked about the benefit of notarial involvement in business affairs in particular in international trade operations, and Jeanne-Françoise Hutin, Secretary General of the French Federation of the Houses of Europe. The Houses of Europe encourage any initiatives that bring closer citizens and European professionals and facilitate the exercise of their rights.