CNUE Plenary General Assembly – Zagreb, 17-18 June 2016

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At the Croatian notariat’s invitation, the CNUE held its Plenary General Assembly in Zagreb on 17 and 18 June 2016. Prior to the meeting, the Croatian notariat organised a conference on the topic: “Company law: how notaries contribute to legal certainty”. The event provided the CNUE with the opportunity to give a reminder of the positive role played by the notaries of Europe in the area of company law. Indeed, in many EU countries, notaries are responsible for incorporating companies.

This is why the speakers recalled the role of ‘one-stop-shop’ played by notaries for businesses. They also highlighted the notariat’s essential contribution in the fight against money laundering and the obligation to declare any suspicions. Finally, the question of business registers and their interconnection at European level was also raised. In this area, the notariat guarantees reliability and therefore legal certainty of data transmitted.

A report made by the Croatian public television network is available here:

The CNUE member notariats met in the afternoon for their Plenary General Assembly. Among the important decisions made on this occasion was the decision to organise the 4th edition of the Notaries of Europe Congress under the presidency of the Spanish notariat in October 2017 in Santiago de Compostela. The congress will have a scientific orientation with the aim of analysing civil and commercial law and making legislative proposals to the European Commission. Two topics are envisaged: the notariat’s role in developing digital materials and the transfer of company headquarters within the EU.