ENN Platform opens to Notaries of Europe

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The online platform of the European Notarial Network (ENN) is now accessible to the 40 000 notaries in Europe. Besides the possibility to contact their national interlocutors electronically for help on cross-border files, notaries now have numerous practical tools and resources at their disposal, free of charge.

Thanks to thematic forums, notaries using the platform are free to communicate and hold discussions online, setting up their own European professional network. The ENN also provides bilingual forms to facilitate information exchange between European notaries in all areas covering notarial practice: succession law, family law, company law, etc.

Finally, the platform offers numerous legal databases. For example, it is possible to find information on the documents required by a notary from a foreign country when a citizen is faced with an international succession or the documents required when a foreign business intends to set up or create a branch in a Member State.

Access to the platform is reserved for EU notaries who are listed in the directory www.notaries-directory.eu. It is very easy to register, via the website www.enn-rne.eu.